A Trip To Block Island

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A Trip To Block Island

Block Island is part of the State of Rhode Island about 13 miles from the coast in the Atlantic ocean.

With a population of under 1500 Block Island is small – about 5 miles with one town, New Shoreman. Getting around by bicycle or moped is of the best ways to see the island. There are lots of ponds within the island and good hiking, fishing and two large beaches – one, Crescent beach considered to be one of the finest beaches in the US.

There are two historic lighthouses on Block Island. The Southeast Lighthouse was was built in 1873. Because of bluff erosion, the lighthouse was moved in 1993 three hundred feet. The lighthouse also has a museum where you can see the original Fresnel lens.

Ferry service from the mainland arrives in New Shoreman and the harbor has a number of popular fish restaurants including Fins, that specializes in local seafood. The owner, I was told, has his own lobster traps and they serve, among some of their shellfish, Quahogs a hard shell clam that is also the fictional name of the town where Family Guy is set.

Other treats on Block Island can be found at The Ice Cream Place where homemade flavors are scooped out and served in cones. Including some nice takes of familiar passions like Almond Joy, Cake batter and Maple Walnut. There are also historic photos of Block Island on the walls to entertain you as you lick away.

The Oar restaurant at the new harbor which opened in 1965. There are over 900 painted and autographed oars along the ceiling and the walls of The Oar Restaurant and the only requirement is that the oar you give them does not contain obscene words.

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